A Storied Estate in Annapolis

For nearly a century this waterfront home has drawn influential guests for business and pleasure with the prominent owners who have resided at Bridgewater.  Rear Admiral Philip Ross, a highly decorated Naval officer and 1927 Academy graduate who was awarded with two Navy Crosses for bravery in battle as the Commander of the U.S.S. Halibut in WWII, and his wife Helen wrote the first chapters of this home’s illustrious history.  Scores of historical society columns chronical their social activities among Annapolis’ most influential couples.  Decades later, Tom and Wendy Boswell added chapters where the famed sports writer would write his columns from the wood paneled library while sports books accumulated from those seeking his advice.  And most recently, leaders in our government technology sector have flocked to the shores of Weems Creek for the sage counsel of a public company CEO and government IT industry leader. 

The aesthetic appeal of Bridgewater has lent itself as an ideal setting for meetings of boards of directors, corporate retreats, large dinner and cocktail parties, intimate dinners with clients and employees.  In every way, Bridgewater is comfortable hosting a large reunion of old friends as it is of sealing the deal.

 Whether decorated military leaders, recognizable athletes, titans of business or icons of public service — the visitors to Bridgewater have all left in awe of the remarkable vista elevated over Weems Creek and added to rich tapestry of work and fun that has been achieved here.